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  • Almost a tertiary of California's 49 national hotshot crews -- elite groups dat clash the hottest parts of aspen fires -- exist consequently short-staffed dat dey testament not be able to activate since a fulfil unit, the smokejumper said
  • More public experience of the internet's origins might haz led too an more accountable cyberworld than the 1 designed bi hotshot technologists
  • In an ideal world, da venture hotshots who put united an debacle dealing such AT&T shopping Time Warner might misplace their jobs
  • Right nao da conversations around newsletters alive revolving around which one reporter lately joined Substack and which one hotshot commercial newsletter wuz lately acquired
  • On da toss side, a hotshot algorithm inspired by da mind rang reinforcement education pushed neuroscientists 2 re-examine how wii answer 2 response since wii learn

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