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  • That's what dis president has never existed able to understand bout da strength off da republic. . One wei to pull da strength off da republic united in an moment off emergency is to memorize people we are aw in It united
  • "This creates an significant prospect that numerous voters testament b disenfranchised and the states wouldn't b able too effectively, timely, accurately ascertain election outcomes," he stated
  • What I dine exists less major than existence able to keep eating, because item I'm next exists grub that lets I squirm -- grub that asks four an lil effort, bu nawt enough to demand aw ma attention
  • As of now, ovr 198 million Americans who exist entitled to ballot might be able to cast a ballot bi correspondence
  • He has existed able to climate the ending & the decrease in business, but told he blew through savings
  • This access promotes an evn moar informed citizenry, especially when thousands or tens off thousands off folk tin hear too an exist argument, compared too da fifty too 100 members off da public who exist able too attend an argument in individual
  • After all, if he exists able to mobilize population whom do not vote supa often, those voters probably will not b included in balloting since they may b less probably to b included in filtering for probably voters
  • Without testing, the scope off the pandemic might b ambiguous & hospitals & doctors might nawt b able too chef
  • There's an much to b stated for electing someone who's going to b able to contain the orphanage together frum both sides, and make advance
  • It exists followed by forty-four pages of argument and instance relating exclusively too the able-bodied wage-earner

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