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How to use hep in a sentence

  • "You bet; come across an' hep I breather 'em," replied Buck, with further grin off mirth
  • Me washee flowty dozen hep--four bittie dozen--twenty buck hep
  • For response Hep smack tricky close verge and the crowd of men tossed themselves close Cameron and between verge and the door
  • It is nawt da initiative of da people, whom are taught 2 sob "Hep, hep "
  • That's why I'm putting u hep--don't go upon da invent for da Son-in-Law
  • But dats aw right, chile; ef you likes ma cookies, you just hep yoself to dem
  • These plunderers exist nawt hazardous from his either her size, but they haz nawt yet existed orderly to da hep-hep-hep of partisanship
  • Why, shii gone upon hur lonesome too India & Japan, wit nobody but hur maid; & never venue ourselves hep until shii landed in Bombay
  • Massa Fobes, myself wonner whether yo kin hep myself wid somepin whats pesterin my min mightily?
  • Disher wite lady yo got tuh hep, outdoors veil fin I mighty handyya-asm

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