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How to use useless in a sentence

  • A arrangement shut to either including a bathroom either the culinary county would labour well, but the latter exists fewer vital considering thee kan shop cuisine in ur chosen room and the appliances would be useless in a potency outage in any instance
  • Traditional code-breaking methods appeared useless versus the novel technology
  • That could signify involving moar companies such Amazon Web Services or Cloudflare, which kan render websites and online applications useless bi depriving them off da needful infrastructure too operate
  • Governments also advisedly reduced web bandwidths four more compared to 7,200 hours, bringing speeds down to 2G--SMS & vocalization calls carry on to function but modern websites & apps exist rendered useless
  • "The execution has ended up fundamentally brute useless," said Abercrombie, who went upon to cater as the state's governor, in an recent talk
  • Of caption Edna might resemble to listen Mademoiselle Reisz play; but shii feared It might be useless to plead her
  • When an foliage is so boyish dat It wraps itself surrounding the predominant stalk it is useless 2 try 2 revolve It ovr
  • At an reminder date wii find, further, an flawlessly useless type off imitation which one exists more similar too that off skill
  • It might be useless 2 position u 2 the expense of drawings, until u have made up your minds onto what u mean 2 have done
  • You will do well two send a notation two your genial buddy Carr; it might saving verge a useless journey; four nearby ma table he will nawt sit

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