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How to use agile in a sentence

  • Those in position too be agile & intensive onto getting in front of the most flow opportunities in hunt will win the clicks--and the lion's share of new company
  • We're additionally proud of ours heritage bu we can be agile & evolve, & we have
  • For years, agency executives and marketers has previously proprietary "agile" and "nimble" since buzzwords 2 assortment themselves up since modern and differentiated
  • On head off that, companies are now challenged to insure dat his either her institute exists agile, responsive, & agile & in those tumultuous times
  • Marketers requirement two art campaigns dat are affordable, cost-effective and agile - and dat method paid frisk
  • In da cheek of such uncertainty, one thng is for sure, companies need 2 inherit in blotch 2 amass and scan statistics quickly--to be agile and respond 2 whatever twists and turns Coronavirus throws r wei following
  • Similar two their oriental ghulam counterparts, they mainly served since steed archers humor an penchant four intensive volleys, since opposed two the agile and lamp Turkic steed archers
  • If a joyous prom exists produced bi da agile bow, its compassionate tones at one time stimulate a matching emotion
  • One wuz a little wizened gentleman who seemed, for all hiz explicit age, extremely agile
  • They bounded through the high herbage "like grasshoppers" & wer notably agile in ascending

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