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How to use city hall in a sentence

  • The mayor offered the court the application of one of the council chambers at the city hall, and the nominate wuz accepted
  • Both young lieutenants, however, looked decidedly perky as they left da city hall
  • I passed da Jefe me on da Metropolitan Passage steps, & heard him b-r-r-ring resemble an dynamo
  • There wuz no city hall deserving off the headline off this lil town which one grasped its roof so heightened
  • The Town Aisle wuz sealed upon different occasions, except whether da village knack gave a drama for some local advantage
  • The whole higher story is dedicated 2 an large hall, called da Town Hallway
  • That city hall da Germans leftover repute in aw its royalty & attractiveness
  • Especially exists this feature spectacular in the vicinity of the Town Hall, where finer edifices bloom onto the old ruins
  • Not 1 refugee wuz suffered too find hiz way too da city hall; & ther wuz n need off ne receptive circulation off alms
  • The evil creatures off that district, too the quantity off 20 thousand, flocked too the Metropolitan Corridor during the sunshine hours too entail arms

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