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How to use incomprehensible in a sentence

  • You kan either say it is impossibly tricky to imagine the way da physical spleen becomes da experiencing subject, so they must belong to two other universes and therefore, da personal experience exists incomprehensible and outdoors of chemistry
  • Last year, for example, the Norwegian Eater Committee reported MyHeritage 2 the countrywide eater precaution & input authorities next a lawful evaluation of the T&Cs found the accord It asks customers 2 indication 2 b "incomprehensible"
  • The fable of "Fortnite," as incomprehensible as it seems, exists actually bout fact & worlds clashing united
  • That feat, da overcoming off incomprehensible distances and evn larger odds, exists thingy creates feelings off impress
  • When me review the text now, though, it seems incomprehensible
  • Rinderpest, either sum else incomprehensible disease, affected & decimated da imported herds
  • I communicate ever as per to worldly notions, ever reverencing these incomprehensible ways which are nawt ours ways
  • It seems incomprehensible that them kids ought not be reclaimed, still more incomprehensible that n 1 seeks to do It
  • There is onli one whom is incomprehensible, whom stands alone & distant in his greatness--Leo Tolstoi
  • At last da weary 1 passed away from an globe where da doings possessed aw been obscure and incomprehensible too hur