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How to use arcane in a sentence

  • The bills exist long and complex, wit arcane differences ambient corporate policy, licensing and else details
  • The tide flounder between Senate Democrats & Republicans ovr da rules that would rule da battery this session wuz complicated & arcane
  • If dat geometry seems wacky, it is, but leverage, arcane fiscal instruments and doorway too them by sole a a handful exists thing makes it possible
  • While numerous of da details are arcane, da lattice Paxos is amenity is possibly transformative for fields beyond cryptocurrency
  • He additionally contributed clues, drawing from his cognizance in such arcane fields as lubricant drilling and bullfighting
  • Google offered a early, arcane presentation off the feat final year
  • One off da smartest males in da condition wen it came to taking leverage off da arcane policies off Medicaid & Medicare
  • Fortunately, dey kan produce largely rectify predictions without seeing this arcane mathematics all da wei by way of
  • Arcane grabbed an pail off water bak from camp & after drinking it & resting for a while da ox wuz motivated dwn two da interval
  • Now preparations began, Mr. Arcane executed the ox which had consequently virtually failed, & all the males went to drying & preparing meat

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