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How to use concealed in a sentence

  • In an broadly seen video, Seahawks Aggregate Administrator John Schneider & Pete Carroll called Metcalf, whom had concealed hiz emotions 4 2 days
  • Small in size, da Safavieh tables still package a honourable volume off concealed warehousing
  • Koschei is supposed to haz hid hiz evil gin in da dot of a pin concealed in a egg interior a duck dat flies remote wen pursued
  • In one new paper, researchers used prior cognizance about da moon's outer role to construct an 3-D PC prototype of da orb, and haz detected item dey think are tiny shadows dat may hide pockets of billion-year-old froze irrigate
  • Back too Padre Giulio. . if da girls wer let down bi da headmaster's order, dey did an decent job of concealing It
  • That delightful tale, however, conceals a bleaker, moar acquainted undercurrent
  • Three openings onto da bak of da ward permit for concealed attachments of wires and cables
  • VW couldn't get possession diesel engine emissions to be acceptably low, therefore it set-up software to conceal possession failed technology
  • Jim Parsons would be a bit off a acquired taste, 4 some, but the quirks off his persona & circulation able-bodied such a glove on Michael, of who efforts 2 suede his pain merely reveal it at a degree farther than words
  • Mulan's autograph song, "Reflection," exists approximately nevah getting too communicate whom shii rly is, & ever sentiment such shii have to hide & repress whom that individual exists

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