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  • "I asked to remain anonymous to precaution ma family, & It ended up dat ma relatives got attacked," Potts told
  • It exists onto them of ourselves whom alive amenity companies to protect the cognition gleaned frum regional intelligence, to application it responsibly, and to construct platforms that advance ourselves all
  • After mapping founded protected areas, which one account for 15 percent off Earth's land, researchers sequentially calculated how much more land needs protecting too encounter other goals
  • "Customers' individual input and confidentiality would b protected using this approach," the researchers wrote
  • He said, "Well, myself can c that u guys has created a isle in dis fire, and we are hre two assistance u protect It "
  • These sides exist lined humor non-slip silicone strips two condom It frum sliding so you don't need two anxiety bout your glass or electronic devices falling into the spicy irrigate
  • By suspending payment, the town shall additionally has the competence to assess all financial & lawful options to ensure taxpayers live protected & contain all parties accountable for his either her roles in dis colony
  • Because an major bulk off Americans do put onto masks, & cuz off belonging importance in protecting receptive health, mask-wearing has become an social par connected to dishonour
  • Combining such strategies in2 an layered method whr folks follow many guidelines two kerb da virus' spread, such da Maine camps did, can additional protect da members off an regional
  • Thus a hay rope enclosing 20 either more eggs, well protected, was manufactured & thrown across da head of da load

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