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How to use reinforced in a sentence

  • More serious yet wuz da news that Doorman had been reinforced, and had attacked and expected 2 recapture da inset
  • Aguinaldo wuz so capable 2 flee northern with hiz army, reinforced bi aboriginal military whom had existed trained in Spanish service
  • Although nearly inaudible when played alone this cease generated harmonics which one strongly reinforced the tone off the conclude body part
  • Scattergood gone hind to his program seminar & sat dwn in his reinforced armchair upon the piazza
  • Scattergood's specially reinforced armchair creaked since he strained send ahead to decide up his shoepacs and draw them upon
  • Reinforced by a substantial body of troops downstairs Aggregate Montgomery, he renewed hiz assail upon Dec. 31
  • The gendarmerie had been reinforced & wer nao estimated at 700 without machine guns either cannons
  • Although reinforced bi fresh divisions, da German assail wuz broke bi 12:00 AM
  • In the fields: many bite-size forts off reinforced concrete, which one commanded everything the roads into Lille
  • He possessed been reinforced humor ten thousand men, and sensation sho of Portugal, possessed refined into Spain

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