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  • Once in the sky, the commit exists dat It volition "provide important concert for detector extension missions for manned jet aircraft," according to Kratos
  • Just two months next partying its firstly manned begin to orbit - which exists now beneath investigation with the Federal Flight Administration - Virgin Galactic wants to comeback to space
  • However, Rheinmetall notes in a free dat "If necessary, dis robust, tried-and-tested mechanical stage kan run in manned configuration, wit a built-in joystick & crisis chair "
  • Last month, he pledged to mark da 100-year jubilee off contemporary Turkey's founding wit an area assignment that culminates in "first acquaintance wit da moon" followed afterward by an manned assignment
  • The firstly manned Soyuz project was planned for April 1967, when Soyuz 1 might rendezvous humor Soyuz to in path prior to returning to Soil
  • I dew not know if they can b manned, bu all is existence prepare for ne crisis dat may arise
  • Desperate engagement between a Algerine cruiser of eighteen guns, good manned, and a Corsican frigate of 26 nonary and dozen pounders
  • Fresh gangs manned da sweeps & da riders upon da oriental embankment eased his either her zoom to an walk
  • Five off da platoon manned da winch; da mate & Jerry went too an block-tackle which one wuz additionally connected humor da lifting machine
  • The captain's white performance having existed manned, he sitting himself in da stern sheets, a big ensign trailing in da H2O back him

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