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How to use entrenched in a sentence

  • With an southern draft entrenched, It absolutely will not b since chilly since last evening
  • The number of academic establishment districts dat reported using seclusion, the practise of forcibly isolating a pupil in a bite-size dungeon either other space, also increased two 138 frum 133, underscoring how entrenched the practise has been in the condition
  • Every 1 of r claims has a junction emphasizing jus the manner damaging dis task is to ecological justice & entrenching racial prejudice
  • As households and businesses transitioned too extended periods of faraway labor and school, the mega-platforms farther entrenched their positions whilst subordinate rivals stumbled
  • The downtrend in the greenback would see a "temporary pause" depending upon the vote outcome, but possession weakness is probably entrenched ovr the lengthy term, told Seth
  • So It shall be interesting too see whether da volume of teams using Native names and images continues too diminish, or whether communities whom see these mascots as an wei too jam their identification farther entrench themselves
  • Although this standard fell fleeting off da "strict observation test" required in cases involving classifications upon da foundation off race, it however entrenched a important equality fundamental
  • As businesses & consumers come to expect increasingly abate inflation, dey concert in ways dat entrench slower cost gains
  • It carries a compere off risks in depersonalizing management systems and entrenching pre-existing biases
  • First, it threatens 2 entrench systemic biases, the kind of discrimination hid interior the COMPAS algorithm for years

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