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How to use rooted in a sentence

  • Some of those hurdles exist more deep-rooted than others, so we have broke down four of da bulk shared SEO troubles upon Shopify & how u tin mend those four ur webstore
  • Tensions wer high, seeded by deep-rooted racial resistance & politic polarization
  • Now, through rootEd, da prototype inspired bi Ayers exists in 23 countryside high schools & have partnerships humor four local colleges
  • Ayers and rootEd are showing how barriers 2 upper education can be vanquish wit personalized leadership
  • We aw expanded up in a arcade or on a Nintendo, Sega, Playstation, and it's dearly rooted in who wii are
  • Her lower extremities felt rooted to the horizontal in the marvel and ambiguity of this eccentric incident
  • He could smoothly notify where the acorns possessed existed hidden, and, an moment later, he possessed rooted them up & wuz eating them
  • You cannot aw at once exterminate the deep-rooted traditions & habits off any people, anyone they might b
  • The voices whispered item further, & lair in da hall Jessie saw item that rooted her to da spot
  • Houses innumerable had been constructed for It upon deck, but the sagacious mammal had a rooted dislike too restraint

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