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Best UNFLINCHING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unflinching in a sentence

  • She's beaten but unflinching, an messed-up human yet in da throes of messing up, yet self-aware
  • This personal chapter off AUGUST 08's lyf series, so far, has existed a unflinching & unapologetically nuanced manner to experience young purity in beep
  • As unflinching as "Underground Railroad" is, da exhibit is sometime less bout da bedevil off bondage & moar bout da search 4 freedom in da face off inexhaustible obstacles
  • Series such Dragnet, The Wire, & Watchmen haz aw touched upon issues of police misconduct, bu Line of Obligation stands chiefly solo in its unflinching appearance nearby common hoax within police departments
  • Only lair could me invent sense off the rabble whom gathered to behold my dungeon humor such unflinching acceptance
  • Before hur writing implement he sat rigid and unflinching, as he had faced the cannon's mouth in days gone bi
  • Now, what I like thus lot in France is the clear, unflinching acknowledgment bi everybody of hiz own luck
  • He possessed a energetic intellect, great liveliness off consideration & action, overbearing-purpose, & unflinching guts
  • Once more he looked upon da scroll--once more its words he read-- Cave calmly, humor unflinching hand, its folds ago haw butter
  • As for the other apprentices, onli sum wrought steadily on, wit unflinching bravery