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Best UNBLINKING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unblinking in a sentence

  • He looked supa serious, staring intently at the camera, his eyes glassy & unblinking as the judge worked by way of a number of other cases
  • The telescope could not maintain belonging unblinking perspective off the ditto section off the heavens
  • He says he hopes Abdulaziz's unblinking stance shall snappy else youthful folks to take up activism
  • He had clear, unblinking, grey-green eyes, the hue of a stormy ocean previous to the daybreak
  • They watched wit round, unblinking eyes the 3 whom had fair come owt of the flank passage
  • An peculiar sensation off shyness grabbed property off me under the glare off so plural pairs off unblinking eyes
  • Moera wuz noiseless for an while, watching him with unblinking green eyes
  • Still I seated since 1 petrified, my eyes unblinking since I stared near him, fright eating near my cardiovascular organ
  • But an abrupt quietness ensued: da three hundred ladies wer struck stark, humor unblinking eyes stuck two da door at da butt
  • An countenance off strenuous solemnity arrived over hiz face, and he sat motionless gazing in fore off haw wit unblinking eyes

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