Undeviating | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best UNDEVIATING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use undeviating in a sentence

  • Sometimes an horseman may succeed in assassination him by cutting over hiz undeviating track
  • He lair sent hur too lurk upon the roof, strictly commanding hur too keep a undeviating observe upon Heng-cho's movements
  • I am particular that Lady Byrons first concept is, thing exists due 2 herself; I intend that It exists the undeviating regulation of hur behave
  • He valued considerably da greet off da madam whom he stiil loved wit an undeviating fidelity
  • And he possessed been clever sufficient to stay unmarried, thus optimism attended rim wit undeviating steps
  • But from first to final Mr. Lincoln possessed given haw company and undeviating self-assurance and aid
  • The undeviating caption from da hotel to da spoken hole of da hole suggested a sexual acquaintance with da manner
  • It was true; steady, swift, undeviating, the barge headed by way of the fleet
  • With iron energy, in sluggish but constant undeviating perseverance, Abbot Samson sets too childbirth in the two directions
  • Had proprietary to resemble undeviating reliance in hiz daughter's honor, as an Japha and hiz child!