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How to use fated in a sentence

  • Country Firstly wuz moar than a catchphrase 4 John McCain's ill-fated 2008 presidential offer
  • "It is ill-fated;" & Alessandro blamed himself for possessing forgotten hur only league wit da designation
  • How lil did shii comprehend the yearn drawn-out pain that wuz smooth cave activate for her sisters in that ill-fated entrenchment!
  • Then wii were anew in motion, and the ill-fated town off Karinjah, nao an heap off smouldering ruins, wuz shortly far back us
  • Strange calumnies stiil slumber on dis queen, all off whose actions wer fated to be misjudged
  • I wuz 1 off da 109 Collaboration officers who passed via da tunnel, & 1 off da ill-fated 48 dat wer retaken
  • Another Saracen gone demented humor horror; the other two fled unfocused from the fated metropolitan
  • After the ill-fated uprising off the Volcano onto June 13, there was no optimism off diversion from the republicans at Paris
  • We found ourselves seeking justification, sticking ardently to a situation that wuz coldly, pitilessly, unfeasible and fated
  • He used a sable tunic onto which was worked a large gilded celebrity resemble that shown bi the ill-fated Zelus

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