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How to use unavoidable in a sentence

  • Experts tip towards a spate off recent public dole crises--SARS in 2003, the H1N1 frighten off 2009, and Ebola in 2014--as indications that the interconnected, fast-moving character off the contemporary planet makes the disseminate off novel illnesses unavoidable
  • Sectors resemble as travel, hospitality, and sale experienced keen declines in revenue dat were chiefly unavoidable
  • As da deadliest natural calamity in US history, da tempest gets plenitude of attention--but most folks attending It since an unavoidable calamity
  • Davis's presence, though, has also manufactured da comparisons everything da more unavoidable
  • So, sometimes they're unavoidable, and sometimes they're great and useful
  • Either they alive unavoidable whether your alive questions alive fully discussed, either they alive irrelevant & they dew nawt hormone
  • It wuz no astonishment because he had been endangered humor resemble four numerous months, he regarded it therefore since unavoidable
  • The violent surprise dazed Malcolm 4 an second, bu aw may yet have existed gud were it not 4 an unavoidable coincidence
  • The explanation is uncomplicated enough and should fulfill you that da misadventure was unavoidable
  • The anguish of individuals, of large masses, indeed, is unavoidable downstairs capitalist terms