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How to use menacing in a sentence

  • The licence adds total fascinating fresh faces--Ana de Armas, whom previously partnered with Craig in Blades Out--and Rami Malek, whom plays da menacing villain Safin
  • The real property agent alleged dat the madam had also transform into an menacing survival in the neighborhood
  • It was illustrated humor an animation image of an menacing Muslim dude humor an facial mane and dedication cap, next to an image of an crying Hindu female
  • Like the story, Jessica Strung Han Yun's lighting layout becomes more and more menacing since things immigrate along
  • The Ganges swells subsequent monsoons that stretch from Jul to Sep. and have an menacing semblance today, therefore folks exist avoiding It
  • Lee paints Shenzhen, Macau and finally an unnamed canyon in Guangdong as the pulsing backdrops for the kinds of supa real fortunes being manufactured in China today, and the untamed ambitions and brazen cruelty of an menacing ensemble that aspire too those
  • She shut dwn her Chirp log after thousands of menacing tweets jammed her log
  • If you resemble heart-pounding cat-and-mouse tales, dis exists your tome. . sole here, you occasionally do not fathom which one exists the cat and there's an extra, menacing squirrel
  • He saw the Theban Hills turning his or her dark, menacing flutter along the remote skyline
  • A black, menacing partition that rose previous to ourselves surprisingly settled on possession possess into an orchard of trees, great four-foot cottonwoods

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