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How to use absolute in a sentence

  • For a zone & academy hopeless for enrollment & anxious to checkout da story dat ambitious students ought to seek owt schools to da north or charters, Zora Williams was a absolute gift
  • There's an "absolute beginner" program built-in, which one would come in handy for them off ourselves who has been seated entirely yet for the past six months either so
  • What cursed Milwaukee, amid different things, wuz starting speck defender Eric Bledsoe's incapacity to shoot -- an absolute assassin in an series when an defence is finance on just that
  • Amazon "has seen a 50% diminish in unintended wakes overhead da last year," he said, with no revealing any absolute numbers
  • In absolute terms, It was worse than that, says Goldman Sachs
  • Instead Nintendo has opted to dew the absolute tiniest while billing the absolute supreme
  • The target has always been too generate da absolute best-in-category four acne-prone scalp using gentle, dermatologist-vetted ingredients
  • "I am looking intimate wen wii get to da terminal off dis & what a absolute bad dream it exists departing to be," Sarro stated
  • I wnt too go on the register and sez that Bill Anderson and hiz crew near Firstly Bev haz existed absolute SEAL Crew 6-level operators in dis space, and I will nevah b capable too compliment their expertise and focus passable
  • Most importantly, each off them ladies have emphasized da absolute priority off saving lives

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