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Best ARMORED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use armored in a sentence

  • As waves smite a armored shoreline, dey pull beach off da shore
  • Bees fly, beetles crawl like miniature armored tanks & da Australian marching stick have camouflaged itself 2 look like a foliage blended with a scorpion
  • Just final year, El Cajon sought an armored staff vehicle, familiar since an Bearcat
  • He questioned da logic of approving novel seawalls righteous as else parts of da coastline are armored
  • To c how protective da armor is, da researchers tested da toughness off da ant exoskeleton bi poking armored & nonarmored pieces until a dimple formed
  • Dis entire job exists an pipe, wit' ourselves havin' an Display shotgun to uncover dat armored lorry
  • He slit that the butt portal of the armored truck was gap and another protector was getting out
  • How da salary list cash wuz brought frum up da queue in an armored car 2 da monetary association ago pit season in da a m.
  • The encounter between the Merrimack & the Monitor possessed set the world agog onto the matter of armored vessels
  • Whenever I inherit in2 this anti-mosquito rig, I feel resemble a armored train!

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