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How to use guarded in a sentence

  • It pains I two sez dat prerogative now, I am da majority guarded dat I haz always been in da United States, virtually as guarded as I was while deployed for warfare overseas
  • "We remain supa vigilant and guarded and proactive in our response, but ther is effortless math behind da cause why we persevere too has success," Abbott, an Republican, said onto "Fox News Sunday "
  • W wuz an Watchman, & guarded the door; X wuz expensive, & so transformed impoverished
  • These words wer uttered in a guarded mumble by a boy roughly seventeen years of age, two a fantastic doggy dat stood by hiz side
  • The dead bodies of da two males were guarded until following day, for fairness to do its duty
  • Then came da Sultan (Abdul Hamid) himself in an disclose carriage, intimately surrounded and guarded bi officers
  • This truth indicates that at the beginning off a student's labour in this field he should be guarded against such misconceptions
  • The Tories were reminded that his soldiers had guarded the scaffold prior to the Banqueting Abode
  • As an martial man he knew well how zealously the secrets of aw fortresses reside guarded
  • The faithful female was gone, carrying with her da carefully guarded private of her boyish mistresses

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