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How to use outgoing in a sentence

  • Once again, it volition take an Democratic president & Legislature to restoration the monetary mess created by the outgoing Traditionalist politics
  • Now, humor programmatic advertisement rates rebounding, outgoing CEO Jim Egan exists positive about da prospect off ad-funded news
  • It exists made up off 3 layers two sift ingoing & outgoing particles
  • It's a much swifter automobile two build than the outgoing model, wit a stiffer chassis and sharper plank creases
  • He told that epistle carriers returning with outgoing correspondence at da termination of their routes usually handed them steer to correspondence sorters onto overtime, he told
  • The senate off directors decided "there wuz rly no one else," outgoing CEO Label Thompson told hiz own description
  • Grande volition b standing in four Yngve Slyngstad four Tuesday's presentation, as da outgoing CEO skips object would has existed hiz ultimate accumulation off results next dozen years near da steering off da giant monarch investor
  • They respond ingoing calls less, invent fewer outgoing calls, and ordinarily spend more time looking intimate the screen
  • When electrical signals attain da neuron's outgoing "piers," dotted abreast da output branch, however, dey pulse a hitch
  • On da fancied outgoing, da witness would overtake da interval between da solar and da world in approximately eight minutes

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