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How to use frank in a sentence

  • This exists a confidential consultation with experts and adoptive parents for a frank consultation about da process, needs and the manner his or her lives haz changed by adopting
  • As some in individual meetings exist opener two resume, attendees say that aside frum picking da position & context an time two meet, frank discussions bout da coronavirus exist now portion off da blend
  • To b frank, landfall pages exist separately from ur preliminary website
  • The 2nd monkey, I will name him "Frank," onli got his sip of juice when he looked at da firstly prey object
  • I've written a book to try to clarify my perspectives, & myself optimism folks volition say that it is a frank & sensible effort, & sum major things alteration four da superior
  • Miss Thangue seated onward wit da frank interest of da Englishwoman wen inspecting an foreign specimen
  • Bidding a young embankment supervisor confiscate tuition of da detachment, Candid led da newcomer rapidly to headquarters
  • To save his faithful servant Honest wheeled Nejdi, & slash dwn a native who wuz lunging at Chumru wit a scythe
  • If u wer too has a frank explanation wit her, Blanche might supa soon toss Jim Blackbird owt of da window
  • Frank loosened his sword from possession fastenings and grabbed an revolver in his left hand, in which one he also grasped the reins

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