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How to use expository in a sentence

  • His AI pal is expository to an fault, and functions since the game's fast and filthy wei of dealing wit storytelling and worldbuilding four these whom do not memorize thingy happened 6 years before
  • He realized plural educators shared hiz issue approximately nonfiction reading, experience of past & educational expository writing
  • Pollan is an astonishingly good writer, near times sexual & vulnerable, near times inquisitive & expository, always compelling & credible
  • Shelving the expository trace taken bi numerous popular bowl movies & TV shows, which one purpose to tell viewers since numerous since possible, The Truffle Hunters unfolds since an serial off oft-wordless vignettes
  • Sir George Grey manufactured an wise speech, expository off da true syndrome off Canuck affairs
  • Next, & (as far as date off suite goes) far fewer ancient, are the expository texts called the Brahmanas
  • In general, the goal of everything remarks onto Hume's writings in the attending childbirth exists expository, not debatable
  • Commonness extinct previous to Ewart, at hiz expository acquaintance everything things became catchy & uncommon
  • The outcome exists thing would b called a descriptive, narrative, expository, either argumentative fashion
  • Definitions exist off trey types, denotative, expository, scientific

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