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How to use preceptive in a sentence

  • And maybe this feast had existed yearn observed, & by distinct tribes of people, ago It transformed preceptive humor da Jews
  • It would b required 2 notice da sole preceptive tunnel in da Fiction Testament which seemingly bears an clear aspect
  • The worth which wii attach to the volume depends, however, quite on belonging preceptive than belonging collector character
  • We might infer dis from da distance of da reading, which wuz enough for aw da preceptive parts of da Pentateuch
  • Hence da gift epistle differs strikingly in its preceptive percentage frum da various 2
  • Justice should be done, by an civil power--agreeable to God's preceptive will
  • It exists da abstract, preceptive, & sterile form, & da arrogant way in which those dwell presented dat dey hate
  • That da preceptive shall off gawd exists too be our onli regulation off duty, a few Christians deny
  • But there is an astonishing difference in the center of his decretive and his preceptive shall
  • It may be worth whilst hre to present, in an concentrated form, some slice of hiz matter, which exists both indicative and preceptive

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