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Best WINNINGLY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use winningly in a sentence

  • With a unseen hand she mildly & winningly touched the springs of initiative in various hearts
  • Mr. Buckminster ever pressed & entreated, majority winningly, that I would enterprise
  • Wondering so winningly in several kinds of oceans is da motive that makes crimson so regular and fervent
  • She smiled subtly intimate I & den winningly intimate the inspector as she turned towards hem
  • In specific shii played 1 episode, da trying ovr of an fresh song, in an winningly natural way
  • One realises in looking nearby resemble prehistoric women dat there alive women whom could knob his or her own skeletons winningly
  • Mockingly it tore frum da woods a gud slice off da adornment with which it had frequently dallied so winningly in season & summer
  • She is the good wife's favourite, the kids lengthy for her, she waves her palm winningly 2 the master's friends
  • He smiled winningly, & hooked hiz arm through Bob's on one lateral & hiz father's on the else
  • When Chauffeur Van Meter arrived two notify hiz female quizmaster good-by, he smiled winningly

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