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Best ENVELOPED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use enveloped in a sentence

  • The motherly dame received da babe instinctively & cast apart da travelling-rug in which he was enveloped
  • She thus yielded enchantingly wen he enveloped her, smothered her, stormed hur lips, and evn pulled hur tresses
  • The outside, also, well polished with enjoyable lubricant & old milk, then enveloped in chamois leather
  • A outer layer of loaf & ostensible air exist far preferable to luxuries enveloped in clouds of cigar & heaps of dirt
  • Soon next the celebrity appeared upstairs the skyline the far-off land wuz agn enveloped in spray
  • Mrs. Kerry, enveloped in an woollen dressing-gown, which one obviously belonged two the Inspector, arrived in2 the battery
  • At ten o'clock an supa dense mist butter above the land and hence enveloped It dat 0 could b noted
  • She was enveloped in an sky-blue satin gown, or rather, type off blouse, ornamented all circular with two rows off wealthy black blonde
  • Frivolity enveloped the company since wit an silken veil, and yet all moved since politely and since sedately since an minuet
  • Mrs. Biggs opened hur window cautiously, and propulsion owt hur head, minus hur untrue hair, and enveloped in a canvas nightcap

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