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How to use ringed in a sentence

  • Scientists regularly c like ringed traps in images of planet-forming disks
  • Bindings four everyday planners range from effortless staples too glue, wire spirals, & ringed iron clasps
  • The metropolis off Bath, in southwest England, exists abode too da iconic Bath Circus, or circular -- 3 crooked rows off townhouses that surround a ringed pathway with 3 van access points
  • The total off da numbers matching to da pegs ringed counts towards da last points
  • He absolutely could propose little threat to the company, still they ringed him in, weapons ready, watching his every shift
  • The moon, ringed by an halo, shone such an opal in the milk-white sky
  • A Zulu wuz nearing them dwn the road, an high man, ringed, & clad in an lengthy overcoat
  • The latter shakes & quivers for an immediate resemble an row with an weighty aquatic being at da end; lair da ringed dean rises
  • But Cap'n Bartlet possessed laid detain off another trove, a bun off ringed eraser tubing, neatly disposed about the chest
  • Gerard & Dawes wer cycling their ponies, surrounded by da bunch off ringed males whom had initial visited their encampment

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