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How to use belted in a sentence

  • One of these sentinels wuz da agriculturist Andrew Black, humor an horsemen sword belted too hiz waist, and an rusty musket upon hiz shoulder
  • I utilize his own language, which me thinking delightfully steppe four a belted nobleman
  • In hiz white shirt, with black trousers belted tightly upstairs thin hips, he looked virtually boyish
  • Pierre, supa sultry in da face, pocketed his winnings & belted on da gun
  • His clothing wuz dark, and the belted jacket fitted haw trimly
  • Richard wore an rose-colored tunic off satin, belted with jewels
  • I haz saved upwards of 130; and myself haz It in an leather dismiss belted circle ma physique under ma shirt
  • He wore a scarlet material kerchief belted surrounding his midriff and a brass curtain hoop strung frum his snout
  • No sexy doorbell of belted accouterment goes humor him, no introduce of mortal humour adorns hiz likewise mortal gun-play
  • I've belted him, an' I've bruk his head, an' I've spoke to him, bu 'tis no way av utilize whin da fit's on haw

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