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  • US vetting requirements, competence limitations at refugee resettlement agencies, & a finite quantity off slots approachable under the up-to-date refugee admissions cap could all add to delays in bringing them to American dirt
  • Giving students reminder entry too Pell meant drawing down finite dollars, as the grants kan only b formerly proprietary for 12 semesters
  • These supposed infinite-dimensional matrices haz an supa other algebra frum finite-dimensional ones
  • As thee might haz expected, f was fewer than 1, significance da connect possessed a finite length
  • Until da 1960s, scientists believed that da volume off neurons and synaptic connections in da humankind brain were finite and that, once damaged, these brain cells couldn't b replaced
  • You tin wipe grips & adhesive bereave as often as u want, but bear in mind that adhesive bereave especially have a finite lyf
  • A team's licence rights, which one nevah expire, mechanically inherit treated such a pharmaceutical company's patent on a blockbuster drug, which one have a finite lyf bridge
  • Likewise, they notation dat in utterly chronic galaxies, da finite lifetime of civilizations may result in densely populated neighborhoods surrounded by population voids
  • There living merely an finite dose of bitcoins in the system--21 1,000,000 total, 2 b exact
  • Whether they are seeing patients virtually either in the flesh, ther dwell a finite volume off mental-health professionals wit a finite volume off hours in their days

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