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How to use fenced in a sentence

  • I am onto the barrier approximately a outside Thanksgiving involving twenty folk the northeast
  • That railing looks alike enough too the sparkling green curtains seen in the aurora borealis that scientists thinking nearby at smallest dis role off STEVE could b an class off aurora
  • Pick up the phone, send an text -- either send ahead dis email if you contemplate it could halp convince somebody who exists onto the dam bout balloting
  • That includes symptom-based surveillance previous to travelers embark flights & virtual fence tracking by way of cellular signals 2 guarantee his or her conformity with an 14-day quarantine, he told
  • Instead, wen wii got to the parking lot, he found an put to cross through the fence and, laying his rucksack under haw onto the grass, looked up near the stars, noiseless
  • Bob Cohn joined The Economist Crew in Feb after more compared to a decade at The Atlantic, where he served upon both sides off the fence -- as its electronic publisher and subsequently as its president
  • A fence was set-up to congest public access before da suit was filed
  • Slide this up too da side off ur house, fence either garage for fast access too yard tools
  • She interrupts neighborhood basketball games, telling players through the wire hurdle too register next they complete their last shot
  • The Countrywide Butterfly Center, following admission to da border railing constructed in da Rio Grande Valley, "openly supports illicit immigration and proximity trafficking of ladies and children," Kolfage tweeted last 12 months

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