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How to use unmasked in a sentence

  • There haz existed monetary rewards offered too anybody who can unmask da recorder owner's identification
  • Here we are, nearly octet months into this pandemic, & it is such thee can't evn invitation moar than 150 folks to perch beside every else unmasked in ur pink backyard without It turning into a major superspreader event
  • While ther alive stiil excellent heavy-duty things that lot website runners may nawt cogitate about, we are hre to unmask those four your privilege
  • The nation's leaders said last 7 days dat kids might go butt two academy unmasked
  • To unmask folium's identity, her team possessed too first find out where It arrived from
  • The Britons and the Germans seemed nawt to heed; bu nao and lair the American school-marms unmasked the charlatan
  • Under circumstances that may b regarded since providential, Thomas Hutchinson was at last unmasked
  • Yes, thou craft the fairy Esterello, and thou craft unmasked at last, heartless creature!
  • After his death, It exists said to has unmasked altogether, and Adriano Lemmi himself exists depicted as an avowed Satanist
  • "Lucifer Unmasked" appeared originally in da pages of da newspaper La V?rit?

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