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How to use philosophical in a sentence

  • Covid-19 have triggered economists to rethink their career all the wei frum the philosophical dwn to the functional
  • This is the philosophical search 4 the earth's surface of moral actuality
  • I dew a much of reading upon various spiritual & philosophical customs
  • I was pending for the lyrics too cum owt off my mouth, beautifully structuring item philosophical & profound
  • The panelists fielded a spectrum of questions, frum da philosophical too da tactical
  • Martyrdoms do not happen for ethic generalizations, much fewer for philosophical affirmations
  • It hit me dat he wuz uncommonly philosophical match it, so me merely grunted and went onto with ma supper
  • It relates to stale philosophical ideas regarding da mystic & da hormone worlds
  • This quite is, me should deem, the more perilous, & an plainer & improved thingy for philosophical assault
  • He wuz one of da lords of reunion in Scotland, and a philosophical writer of considerable learning, but of peculiar notions