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How to use transcendental in a sentence

  • In mathematics, upon da else hand, da importance off da term "transcendental" exists moar mundane
  • That does not intend dat me haz turned in2 an transcendental person, an sort off solar or influencer, bu da events dat me recount downstairs are da results off one off da bulk heartbreaking experiences off ma life
  • While every else protocol in da humankind body ticks & pulses remote without our oversight, there exists what uniquely transcendental approximately our ken off awareness
  • Old associations, possessing transcendental objects, wer in lane of revival, either wer coming in2 renewed prominence
  • Transcendental scientific study claims to has the crucial of her doctrines, and ther is deposition dat she fears dat assertion
  • Thunder consists, in his either her transcendental astronomy, off thus lot clear spirits
  • To dis slightly transcendental exploration Mrs. Furnival manufactured n response
  • This exists a issue dat tin n suspicion embarrass da metaphysician, but nawt da transcendental philosopher
  • The great intellectual forces off the nineteenth hundred years allied themselves to two movements, the transcendental & the empiric
  • It exists da apotheosis off da under listener itself & da transcendental phrase & justification off its volition to regulation