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How to use hypothetical in a sentence

  • Many wer unwilling two ail the present-day expense off preparing 4 upcoming hypotheticals
  • For example, says P?rez R?os, positronium's fuel levels could be affected by an hypothetical axion-like bit
  • Many of them ideas try to recast gravitation in the British of quantum mechanics, where hypothetical particles called gravitons carry the gravitational oblige
  • Titled "What myself might moisture wit GPT-3 if myself possessed no ethics," It described hiz procedure since a hypothetical
  • The XENON1T crew suggested that da low-energy events could b due two sun axions, hypothetical particles wit n electric debit that could b produced in da sun
  • First & perhaps majority thrilling is da "solar axion," a hypothetical bit produced inside da solar that'd b alike to a photon bu wit a miniature amount of weight
  • He called those everything "Mister," and occasionally flattered those by introducing a hypothetical precedent for his or her thought
  • In the preceding precedent both united form a varnish & consistent, smooth though hypothetical, interpretation of the facts concerned
  • It wuz an hypothetical state which one he had never evn considered
  • We must besides remark that the definition off the lines exists purely hypothetical