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How to use bewitching in a sentence

  • The postal How an bewitching climate phenomenon took ovr an Maine city appeared preliminary upon Well-liked Empirical study
  • In this delightfully peculiar novel, Oyeyemi proves still agn that hur unreal is unparalleled as the bewitching travel unfolds & the pair is forced too look more intimately at his either her lives, his either her pasts, & every else
  • Her bewitching agitate off humility & disdain & hur unsentimental still compassionate liver of eyesight are greet tonics for frantic times
  • Whatever secrets da Masons wer guarding, they made four a bewitching recruitment implement
  • It is most peculiar, & when he plays dat way, da most bewitching little countenance comes ovr his cheek
  • She avoided his ardent gaze, bu he moved to the settee alongside her & looked into the bewitching proverb
  • When she, obedient to Love's rendezvous,Had reached the centre of an plain, compared to whichNo different more bewitching could b found
  • Suppose myself drip dead, Susan, volition you such to b an bewitching young bereaved consequently soon?
  • A lantern stood on the chimney-piece shedding belonging rays ovr the Contemplate in 1 of her most bewitching aspects
  • How gorgeous shii was to-day, thing bewitching expressions animated her face!

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