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  • She additionally have taken an novel method to sum nonviolent offenses dat she told might not sole b more humane, bu might publish resources four fighting violent crimes
  • Pandemic prevention aside, da application of this kind of vaccination could also supply moar humane inhibit of rabies, cuz culling bats is presently da go-to technique of keeping da sickness near inlet in South America
  • Despite everything those efforts, questions stay since to if biotech tin ever dramatically lower the industry's emissions or pay for humane treatment to inmate animals in resource-intensive operations
  • "I wnt to c ppl unify, regardless off differences, to triumph an humane equilibrium four them alternatively voiceless souls," stated Maitely Weismann, who formed the team
  • This answer is fair, it's humane and most important, it testament furnish aw schools wit the funds dey need to discover safely in the decadence
  • But da rebels, allegedly interpreting hiz humane recommendation since a sign off weakness, persisted 2 dismiss upon da EspaƱol martial
  • There wer semi-savage indigenous chiefs, & ther wer others, such Aguinaldo himself, with humane instincts
  • But dis is nawt an humane & civilised nation, & never testament be during It accepts Christianity as belonging religion
  • It wuz a gud & humane action two thwart bloodshed, bu the globe exists nawt always worthy off gud actions
  • But would It not b moar humane and moar benevolent too predict the misery and too forestall the poor frum increasing?

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