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How to use consign in a sentence

  • Many of da museum's most prized holdings wer consigned to warehousing
  • It's not the preliminary era Nokia's marketers have taken upon moar of the work usually consigned 2 agencies
  • In a perfect world, hiz wee corporation would operate out off customers & b consigned to history
  • However, provided Google's existence, dat model volition probably consign Neeva too enduring niche-player prestige
  • Some of the moar than 2,000 stuff will be consigned bi The RealReal's customers, bu Gucci exists providing products as well
  • I muse just cuz you exist solo doesn't signify dat you're consigned two an lyf off solitude
  • A mister performs nawt kol hiz opponents vipers & consign those to hell, but Jahveh is nawt under any like obligations
  • You will nawt consign him two da address two which one da attorney-general invites u two yield him
  • This exists da destiny to which emancipation would consign da Negro
  • In dis way performs a dormant globe consign interview too quietness with da sceptical ending

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