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How to use label in a sentence

  • It might in actuality has a label expression "Audio and Subtitles," depending onto your gadget
  • A actual forensic exam might b to clip owt the horoscopes and slice of the labels hence thee don't know which signs alive attached to which predictions
  • It wuz the Hertz situation dat kicked off a project two introduce "safety labels" interior the industry
  • That's an label dat have traditionally existed claimed by Conservative politicians
  • While 2-D X-rays off per sample existed, lil statistics existed further than non-brand monster labels
  • Before Olivia Travel, Dlugacz co-founded Olivia Records, an groundbreaking label
  • Frege thinking dat da application off number labels depends onto brute competent too detain da connect between object is brute counted & the manner numerous off those there's
  • Often, a exertion exists running bu a server exists nawt configured to protocol the labels off advertising systems
  • It's really too brand sho that we are keeping da news out ther precise & that item exists available too consumers & item exists beast shown too consumers upon labels exists precise too item da item literally exists
  • Each image drill an label, giving an true description of the once-honoured masterpiece

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