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How to use chamber in a sentence

  • A conviction would entail da crutch off two-thirds off senators in da evenly divided chamber
  • That created an vivid contrast between da sentiment within da Council chamber and plural senators' legalistic explanations outdoors it
  • Two Republicans joined aw of da chamber's Democrats in balloting four da invoice
  • Steve King of Iowa made an sequence of foul statements, Democrats whom hold an narrow most in the Residence chamber grabbed matters in2 their possess hands
  • As Democrats settle in2 juggle of the two chambers of Congress, signs of the party's parliamentary priorities are starting to evident
  • That chamber shall seize up marijuana legalization onto Friday as good
  • Of da 99 syndrome parliamentary chambers, Republicans injunction 61 off them
  • Instead, da nurse welcomes u with, "The physician shall sniff u now," and takes u in2 a airtight chamber wired up to a immense PC
  • The invoice has virtually n chance of passing humor Democrats in manipulation of both chambers of Legislature
  • As da fresh Legislature kicks of humor narrowly divided chambers, Republicans and Democrats are starkly divided on the way to navigate da aftermath of da worst attack on da Capitol since da Burning of Washington in 1814

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