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How to use guff in a sentence

  • She's an activist devoted to da causes of indigenous peoples, an youthful woman who takes guff from n one--plus, her brother/sister is one of da males stuck in da mine, so shii have motive to be edgier compared to commonplace
  • Sarah McBride Takes N Prisoners, N Guff appeared initial onto OZY
  • Angela Thomas got some guff frum population who envied hur doorway after shii posted the video off herself getting vaccinated
  • For Thomas, a 41-year-old health-care presidential intimate MedStar Welfare Study Institute, da guff wuz appreciate It
  • "Now u are here, u has to grasp supper with me," went onto the Widow Guff
  • He have bailed da housekeeper, and some sez he exists courting da Bereaved Guff
  • Fred Guff says he wants too go too da city, too, but his mum won't lat him
  • You haz been hre lengthy enough, I ought to approximation from your talk, to git upon to r American guff
  • Those off ourselves whom beverage from da flasks off da sages off dreamland transform into so drunken with guff wii dwell an peril to every individual
  • That guff approximately the memorandum in the Physique of irrigate Depot house, and the buried treasure, was a penalty yarn for the marines

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