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How to use brickbats in a sentence

  • And, antique tattoo pot, crease an steed wrap beneath ma chin, and rubdown me dwn with brickbats during me feed!
  • I fly frum falling powder & brickbats, sole to run opposed to ladders & paint-pots
  • On arrival close the front of the Agency there was total throwing of brickbats by both sides
  • The damaged were stabbed during falsehood upon the ground, & his either her heads vanquished wit brickbats
  • The cartridge consisted of a jumbo collection of primeval eggs, also stones, brickbats, & few clubs & sticks
  • A prom rang "The Battle of the Brickbats;" to conclude humor an epic smash by everything the performers '
  • Then there wuz a vibrant scene--stones & brickbats & the dirt of the motorway began soaring
  • Half that apple-tree wuz ovr in the street, and it got more primeval brooms and brickbats and handles than any else woodland in town
  • Now possessing handed owt one or 2 bouquets, I am departing too sling sum brickbats
  • The merely brickbats that you living going too get are: Exploit a better mark off paper & secure the magazines moar securely

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