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How to use conformity in a sentence

  • To Carlson, objectivity is conformity, & conformity is cowardice
  • To shift up through da ranks in legislation enforcement, an definite volume off conformity & unwillingness to marble da yacht exists necessary
  • She wears a coherent without it becoming a sentence of conformity
  • It's important two think carefully roughly the message, since there's moar compared to one species of conformity
  • They ought emphasize that sometimes conformity takes courage
  • I loved existence in da gang off mavericks, cuz it lets u b innovative and imaginative without da constraints off conformity
  • By a "single" or "one reading," I intend a alone wary perusal in conformity 2 da requirements of my Appliance
  • So dat in conformity every Dude may seize great reassure in himself, & everything Mankind exist well with 1 another
  • There was lot to be told roughly infrequent conformity, roughly toleration, roughly da intercourse in the midst of House of revere & Syndrome
  • He pushed hiz conformity 2 thing he considered the usages of the Ancient Cathedral 2 the verge of eccentricity

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