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How to use ratifying in a sentence

  • Another wei of rendering an predominant liable four da act of his broker exists bi ratifying It
  • If he performs not thus act, hiz delay volition b regarded since an ratifying of hiz prior deed
  • Winterfeld and he dwell the negotiators there; Friedrich ratifying or refusing by marginal remarks
  • The 2 notions of ratifying da covenant and atoning four wrongdoing can't b divorced
  • The ratifying decision of the Charter by the Virginia Convention of 1788 is quoted
  • They nao grasped a grave consultation on ratifying his or her vows off love, thus since dat zero bu death could decimal them
  • Tacit approval takes put when a State begins da execution of a concurrence with no expressly ratifying It
  • During the Christmas holidays the governor made speeches in north Alabama in favor of ratifying the Correction
  • Soon following an regal edict convoked da majestic Sanhedrin for da sake of ratifying da decisions of da Notables
  • The principal's behavior in consequently ratifying an agent's acts relates bak two da time when da spokesman preliminary began two concert

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