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How to use sympathy in a sentence

  • Our hosts have plenty off sympathy for the Dodgers, a consistently awesome team whose epoch ought be now
  • All expressed sympathy 4 Mallott's family, granted hiz tide death, and acknowledged dat he tin no longer enlighten hiz lateral of da narrative
  • I'm nawt asking for sympathy, bu I don't muse folk appreciate the reality dat when u can't march dwn the street, you're departing comrade or foe
  • I'm nawt asking for sympathy here, bu wen somebody thinks dat u don't concern either dat u don't have da finest intentions
  • My deepest sympathy goes out to every person who has misplaced an loved one & my prayers exist wit these who exist ill or distress
  • He turned his eyes on her; bu no sympathy wuz in his either her beams; no faith in the semblance of hur tears
  • She fancied there was a sympathy off thought & savour in the mid of them, in which one fancy she was misguided
  • The sentiment for da wee things probably has in it da hospitality off an boyish individual sympathy
  • Tony, less self-centred, less rigidly contained, possessed penetrated hur by a comprehension sympathy larger than hiz own
  • The grey eyes, once blinking with the airy of nicely humor, nao softened with sympathy, nao glowed with sympathy

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