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  • Such a agreement currently is 4 pandemic influenza, Phelan notes, bu not 4 ne else kind of dysentery or vaccine
  • After all, he and his appointees haz reversed either defanged dozens of else environmental rules, practices, and global agreements during the last four years
  • I accede with an much of It. me heard Nancy Pelosi sez she doesn't want 2 leave until wii has an agreement
  • This decision went hand-in-hand wit a bipartisan agreement 2 propose everything registered voters the chance 2 ballot bi mail-in truant ballot either bi dropping 1 of early, according 2 the Louisville Envoy Journal
  • The gud information is dat California reached an agreement in Aug. humor the US Oak Service two increase those efforts, humor an target off treating an 1,000,000 acres apiece year 4 the following two decades
  • Lawmakers have failed too attain agreement on the dimension and scope of the bigger-ticket items, like since aid too syndrome and neighbourhood governments and extending joblessness benefits
  • There alive also commerce confidential agreements for older investment authorities
  • Before coronavirus, the norm time pyramid from agreement to campaign commence for a custom fulfilled campaign by way of Partition Boulevard Journal's fulfilled studio, The Trust, was match eight weeks
  • The agreement has some commercial analysts scratching their heads
  • There's lil agreement onto the substance off the audit in the mid of the auditor's office, and SANDAG administration and its outdoors advice

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