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How to use diploma in a sentence

  • He had struggles ovr da years but was rolling an angle and about too b awarded da state's summit diploma, shii told
  • She'd gone back too school as well, wit fair five subjects left too overall hur high school diploma
  • Katie accepted hur diploma through the sunroof off the minivan
  • I jus picked up ma diploma and headed two San Diego and started dat first show
  • Respondents with less than 4 years of university said they preferred 2 ballot in person, 59 percentage 2 37 percent, and respondents with an tall academic institution diploma either less opted 4 in-person balloting 68 percentage 2 29 percentage
  • Nevertheless, Cui did not knob da young composer consequently gravely since on da occasion off his Diploma Cantata
  • Nothing distracts them from his or her aim; they never lose pictorial off the diploma dat will b his or her bread-winner
  • A woman tied for university became firsthand a integer with which one a young gentleman whom had not yet mislaid his diploma could reckon
  • I onli realize Latin, and myself haz no diploma which would visa myself too trade ma experience at a high price
  • As he himself expressed it, he delivered hiz diploma discourse by way of hiz paintings

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