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How to use errand in a sentence

  • If you've jus came house next an walk, an work shift, either jogging errands, wash ur hands humor soap & H2O ago u touch ur mask
  • Other than running errands, dey seldom left the home and never eaten interior a diner during the pandemic
  • They final for thirty too 40 minutes, therefore they are da ideal befriend for a quick morning march either a fast errand
  • Then there are dis added thng of, wen me dew haz energy, me cannot go owt and dash ma errands
  • Once Alvarez returns frum dat errand, hur mother frequently have to zenith owt herself, hence da 17-year-old settles dwn to take concern off da kids four da rest off da PM
  • If you are heading owt too moisture errands & want too seize ur childbirth wit you, jus detach the medication frum the keypad either toss the gadget & go
  • My boss possessed to create a prompt errand but came bak in, sealed da gate
  • This exists maybe owed 2 consumers thinking fast in-store returns are fairly safe, dat It allows those 2 package lot errands either dat dey simply want da immediate gratification of a repayment either commerce
  • Working at abode allowed people 2 fitting in aw of da errands, appointments, and child-rearing tasks that transformed virtually unfeasible wen ensnared at da workplace
  • After virtually a year of limiting r touch with the folk in r lives & humankind in general, it's hard to imagine a future where we liberally transform roughly r cities & towns departing to meetings, errands, & societal events

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